Our company Wood & Energy is an internationally focused group of companies that has been operating in the wood processing industry since 1997.

We produce sawn timber, solid structural timber, wood pellets and renewable energy in the form of electricity and heat at our 3 production sites in Belgium and Germany in completely integrated production processes. The wood comes from sustainable, regional forestry. We can add value to all parts of the trunk by making optimum use of the synergies between material and energy cycles. Issues such as cascade use and the circular economy are particularly important in this context.

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Wood & Energy Group

IBV & Cie

The site in Vielsalm is the largest in the group. It is here that regional softwoods are processed into sawn timber. The resulting sawmill by-products of sawdust and wood chips are used on site to produce wood pellets of the highest quality, providing about 50,000 of families with a sustainable source of heat. The site also has a biomass co-generation plant that uses wood residues for which there is no alternative use to produce green electricity and heat. The part of the electricity generated that is not needed internally is fed into the public grid. The heat is used completely in our production processes, ensuring the plant's extremely high level of efficiency.

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IBH Harperscheid

This site can be described as the cradle of the Wood&Energy Group, as it is our oldest site. Again, only softwoods are processed into sawn timber here. Compared to the other sites, this sawmill can handle large trunk diameters and is therefore very flexible, enabling it to saw logs with diameters of between 100 and 900 mm. All sawmill by-products produced here are recycled internally.

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Holz Schmidt Cölbe

In addition to a sawmill, our site in Cölbe/Schönstadt also operates a biomass power plant to generate electricity and heat to supply our timber drying chambers. The surplus heat is used to supply around 85% of the households in the neighbouring villages with sustainably generated heat. In addition, Holz Schmidt manufactures solid structural timber (KVH®), a product that is subject to high quality standards and has become an indispensable material for applications in modern timber construction. The annual production capacity for further processing is around 150,000m³.

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W&E Strategy Sàrl

W&E Strategy acts as a service provider for the Wood&Energy Group's pan-European activities, coordinating the individual locations as well as their administration, IT and finance departments. The company specialises in buying and selling timber and sawmill products as well as biomass used in the energy sector. An important part of its activities is the engineering and project management of industrial sites in the sawmill and biomass energy sector. In addition, W&E Strategy can draw on many years of expertise in the operational management of sawmills and biomass utilisation sites. Finally, W&E Strategy is responsible for planning the strategy and growth of the Wood&Energy Group and its activities.

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