Renewable energies

We produce renewable energy in the form of electricity and heat from biomass at several of our sites. As a result, all our production processes here have been converted to supply electricity and heat in a CO2-neutral way.

230kMWh el./y
320k t/yCO2 savings

Renewable energy from biomass

We give 100% and recycle 100%! The best waste is waste that does not arise in the first place.

For us, responsible use of wood as a renewable resource also means complete recycling in accordance with the principle of zero waste.

Renewable energy from biomass

Since we are also committed to cascading energy use, only low-grade biomass is utilised in our power plants. In addition to supplying the cogeneration plant with residual waste from our sawmills, i.e. the bark that occurs, we also purchase biomass from external sources.

This includes residual forest wood, bark, crosscut waste, sifter overflow, hedge cuttings as well as non-hazardous waste wood.

Combined heat and power

Our biomass cogeneration plant works on the principle of combined heat and power.

This means generating electricity and heat in parallel with maximum efficiency while at the same time conserving resources to the greatest possible extent.

The resulting waste heat is used to supply heat to the company's own lumber drying kilns and pellet production. Any surplus electricity is fed into the public grid after we have covered our internal power requirements. Emission certificates are also produced for CO2-neutral electricity generation.

Combined heat and power - Renewable energies

When planning this project, we always focused on protecting the climate and conserving our resources, in addition to creating a cost-effective and at the same time sustainable energy supply. Economic and ecological goals go hand in hand, which benefits people and the environment.

Energy generation by Wood & Energy:


Only non-hazardous biomass is processed


Our plants are designed in such a way that only low-grade biomass can be used


Autonomy as a result of producing our own electricity and heat


We recycle 100% of the precious raw material wood, entirely in accordance with the principle of zero waste

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Renewable Energy

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