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In addition to a wide range of common standard lengths and sizes, we also offer our glued laminated timber (GLT) as consignment goods to meet our customers' requirements.

80Km³/y finished goods
Fast Europe-wide delivery
Individuallengths of up to 18m

High-quality, stable glued laminated timber (GLT)

Our wide range of GLT is used as a building material in both modern architecture and traditional construction methods.

Glued laminated timber is made up of at least three layers of softwood boards glued together in the same direction of grain. The resulting glue laminated beams are a unique and versatile building material that has many advantages over other building materials.

High-quality, stable glued laminated timber (GLT)

Glued laminated timber as a building material

In addition to its high load-bearing capacity and stability, glued laminated timber is also very resistant to a variety of weather conditions, pests and fungi.

In addition, GLT is aesthetically appealing and can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes, giving planners and architects a great deal of flexibility in the design of their structures. Its excellent sound insulation and natural fire protection properties also make it a safe building material, it is environmentally friendly, easy to work with and also to assemble.

Glued laminated timber as a building material

In summary, glued laminated timber is an excellent choice for builders and architects looking for a stable, durable and aesthetically appealing material that meets the highest standards.

Glued laminated timber from Wood & Energy:


High load-bearing capacity, stability, fire protection capability and resistance despite comparatively low dead weight


Hybrid structures with concrete or steel possible in many different finishes


Aesthetically appealing and warm thanks to the natural wood grain


Environmentally friendly material made from renewable raw materials

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