Our values

In times of the energy transition, it is even more important to think about the future, to take the appropriate position and to follow the right path. We act entirely in accordance with the principle of "Making optimal use of the synergies between the material and energy cycles".

Wood and Energy Werte

We stand for the responsible use of wood as a natural raw material and process the entire trunk, from the core to the bark, thereby ensuring 100% added value and zero waste.

The sustainable raw material wood


Our raw material wood is sourced exclusively from sustainably managed regional forestry.

We meet the stringent PEFC standards, which certify the sustainability of our value chain from raw material to finished product. To this end, our use of wood from sustainably managed forests and the careful and appropriate use of resources is subject to regular monitoring by independent third parties.

Progress and development


Circular economy, modern technologies, completely integrated production processes and engineering contribute to ensuring that all parts work in perfect harmony.

After all, progress and development have always been the driving forces behind our company, as can be seen from the way our portfolio of products and services has constantly evolved. As a result, our individual sawmill operations have expanded over the years to become one of Europe's leading manufacturers of products for timber construction.

We always focus on the most efficient production and manufacturing processes using state-of-the-art production technologies. What is also important in this process is the sustainable use of resources and the development of innovative production processes.

Using resources 100%


We give top priority to sustainability. We can add value to all parts of the trunk by making optimum use of the synergies between material and energy cycles. Issues such as cascade use and the circular economy are particularly important in this context.

Our value chain is based on resource efficiency and the principle of zero waste. This means that 100% of the raw material wood is utilised. The logs delivered to us are almost completely processed into sawn timber, structural timber, battens etc. All residual wood such as bark, chippings, wood chips, sawdust and wood shavings that results is processed into biofuels such as pellets and wood chips in our plants or converted into climate-neutral energy in the form of power and heat in our own biomass cogeneration plants.