Sawn timber

We supply our customers in the wholesale and processing industry with custom-made, high-grade sawn timber products. We execute our customers' orders competently and professionally, drawing on our experience and using fully automated production lines.

200km³ planed goods
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500km3/y drying capacity

Sawn timber made to measure

Sawn timber is a versatile material that is also used for further processing.

Wood has been recognised for centuries for its inherent advantages and properties, such as a very versatile range of uses, high strength in relation to its own weight, and ease of machining. The selective and careful procurement of round timber from sustainably managed forests is a matter of course for us.

The responsible use of this valuable raw material is our promise to the environment and to future generations.

Sawn timber made to measure

Quality and extensive product range in all factories

Thanks to our flexibility, we are able to offer the complete range of products and meet the many different requirements of our customers.

We supply the bulk of our products to Germany, Benelux and France, but we also export to the UK, America, Asia and Africa.

Quality and extensive product range in all factories

Our product range

Dimension lumber & structural timber
Dimension lumber & structural timber

We offer certified and strength-graded structural timber made from spruce and Douglas fir. Our freshly sawn and clean-edged structural timber is available in standard sizes as well as in special dimensions and quantities (according to list).

Our various sawing lines mean that we can offer our customers a product of the highest quality, even lengths of up to 11m are no problem for us. We place the highest value on a clean cut and fast delivery.

  • Strength grading according to European CE standards (C18/C24)
  • Impregnation in yellow, colourless or green
  • Lengths ranging from 3m to 11m
  • Standard sizes are always available
  • Products in compliance with PEFC standard
KVH raw material - Sawn timber
KVH raw material

Our KVH unprocessed rafters are used for the further processing and production of certified KVH® (solid structural timber).

Our KVH unprocessed timber is available as fresh or dried timber in standard lengths. We can also respond to specific enquiries and customer requests. Whether it is the type of wood, for example Douglas fir, different sizes or a customised grade.

Boards - Sawn timber

Our fresh or kiln-dried boards are available in a variety of lengths, thicknesses and with coloured impregnations.

Glued laminated timber beams
Glued laminated timber beams

Our glue laminated timber beams are cut, dried and manually sorted.

This semi-finished product made from spruce wood is used for further processing or for the production of glued laminated timber (GLT) and solid wood panels.

Battens - Sawn timber

Our roof battens are used, for example, as a substructure for roof coverings and façades.

All our roof battens meet the highest quality standards and are precisely gauged and bundled in our modern planing machine.

Product details:

  • Lengths: 3 / 3.6 / 4 / 4.5 or 5 metres
  • Standard sizes from 13x38 to 40x60 or 50x50 are available from stock
  • Sizes and lengths of the main markets
  • Customised dimensions possible on request
  • Chamber dried
  • Impregnation (yellow or green) possible
  • Very fast delivery times
Packaging goods and squared timber
Packaging goods and squared timber

We produce packaging timber and squared timber in spruce for our customers in the packaging industry.

We offer all standard products as well as special cuts. These are available in long lengths or as fixed cut lengths, fresh or dried, since heat treatment in accordance with international standards is no problem for us.

Unfinished garden timber - Sawn timber
Unfinished garden timber

We offer unfinished products in various sizes to processing companies in the field of garden timber.

The robust Douglas fir is most commonly used for outdoor applications, as is spruce.


Wood drying

Our drying capacities of around 500,000 m³/a allow us to dry our sawn timber to the desired final moisture content as required and guarantee the best possible quality for further processing or immediate installation.

Our drying chambers also enable heat treatment in accordance with the IPPC / ISPM 15 standard.

Processing - Sawn timber

Planed wood

Outstanding quality – not just superficially. Whether profiled wood, boards or structural timber. Our wide range of surface-treated wood products matches your requirements. We can respond flexibly and quickly to our customers' wishes thanks to our modern planing lines.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Length capping accurate to the millimetre
  • Planed on 3 or 4 sides, levelled
  • Sharp / bevelled / rounded edges
  • Standard export dimensions for the non-European market (USA / Canada)

Further processing and finishing

In addition to the production of sawn timber in many different variations, we also offer a number of options for further processing and finishing products:

Further processing and finishing
  • Special dimensions and lengths
  • Cutting to size: All our sawn timber can be cut to precise lengths ranging from 80 cm to 6 m.
  • Dip impregnation: Surface treatment against blue stain, fungal attack and insects through immersion. Possible in yellow, green, brown or colourless.
  • Pressure impregnation tank: Deep impregnation under high pressure in the tank. For timber to be used outdoors or in contact with the ground.
  • Packaging: The dried wood is wrapped in a protective film to protect it from moisture and sunlight.
Further processing and finishing

Sawn timber from Wood & Energy stands for:


We only process high-quality raw materials, wood from the Eifel and Ardennes mountain region


We guarantee responsiveness, short term availability and prompt delivery of all products


We produce what our customers need and how they need it


We process wood from regional/sustainable forests and recycle 100% of all by-products

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